Motor Operated Safety Valve, New Concept in Safety Relief Valve Manegement

August 2017

We like to introduce a new concept into the market in PSV valves, the combination of spring loaded safety relief valve with the additional benefit of the combination with electric actuators able to perform linear movements.

Valve remain as standard pressure safety valve due it can work spring loaded but gear operation is also possible that can perform manual operation same as lifting lever plus all the benefits of electric actuation.

Noise protection with use of valve silencers

May 2017

Noise protection is more demanded lately during valve request process, is quite common to have a proper request in valve data sheet for noise admissible level in dB. Sometimes especially when valve is working either gasses or steam,

the expansion and elevated pressures at time of discharge and the high velocity of gas flow generate noise during valve opening or discharge.

Protection against pressure using rupture disc

April 2017

A Rupture Disc is a non-mechanical safety device to relief when it is occurred that excessive pressure is over the critical pressure in a pressure system.

Min applications, protection against pressure when leakage is not permitted, for high corrosive fluids, severe conditions high or low temperature PSV extension, for big diameters.

Features Bursting disc are easy to select, more economical than standard PSV, easy to handle, extension overhaul period. Easy to install, remote signal, etc.

Safety valves in duplex and superduplex

March 2017

We introduce our range of Safety Relief Valves PSV in Duplex and Super Duplex suitable for use in desalination plants, fertilizers, off shore, process, petrochemical etc.

Duplex and Super duplex material is well known by its high corrosion resistance, high mechanical resistance often used in sea water application and places where corrosion can be very high.

PSV Duplex or Super Duplex are available in code EN or ASME Secc VIII API 526 from ½” x ¾” to16” x 20” (EN DN 15 x 20 to 400 x 600) Pressure ratings from class 150# up to 2500# (EN PN 16 to PN 100)

Flame arresters

February 2017

To complete the package of protection against pressure and vacuum EFS introduce the range of Flame arresters with mission to prevent propagation of flame in pipelines, tanks etc.

The flame arresters are available for application end of line and in‐line as well, deflagration or detonation type.

Ends could be Flanged EN or ANSI and materials stainless steel up to 12” (DN 300)

Tank protection against vacuum or pressure with p/v valves

December 2016

Introducing our valve range for tank protection against vacuum or pressure/vacuum are suitable for to be used in food industry, pharma, laboratories, process, cosmetic etc.

In order to prevent vacuum created during tank empting or caused by differential temperature and as well against overpressure.

Valves are available in stainless steel grade AISI 316l and Hastelloy , sizes from ¼” to 4”, ends could be threaded bsp or npt, clamp, flanged EN-ASA.

Valves could come up to Ra 0,38 on request.

New high pressure safety relief valve

November 2016

EFSVALVES, launches its new high pressure safety relief valve model 1500HP suitable up to 20.000 psig (1.379barg)

The safety relief valve is produced in stainless steel grade AISI 316, that makes the valve suitable for comprehensive range of applications either liquids or gases.

There are different valve seat options in order to provide right answer according process data conditions.

Price competitive and short deliveries will make this new valve pretty attractive for market.

Float valves

August 2016

We introduce our range of float valves for level control in tanks, vessels, cooling towers etc.

Our valves are available in full AISI 316 and Ductile Iron from 1⁄2” to 10” DN 15 to DN 250 with threaded or flanged ends

We have comprehensive range of float in different diameters to ensure right level control.

Sanitary safety valves

July 2015

We introduce our new sanitary safety relief valve (sanitary PSV).

This PSV is  made in stainless steel AISI 316 , polished up to Ra 0.38 um being suitable for clean application and as well severe conditions from pharmaceutical, laboratory, food industry etc.

The sanitary safety valve comes with FDA approval and PED/CE as well. Ends are by clamp and valves are available from 3/4” up to 3”.

For any question, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Valve World Dusseldorf

December 2014

Now available¡ safety valves to NPS 16 "x 20" or DN 400 x 500.

EFSVALVES presented during the recent valve world fair in Dusseldorf the new range of safety valves in ASME & EN diameters up to 16 "or 400mm as complement of existing range.
The valves are available in carbon steel and stainless steel.